Chef Nico at kitched blackboardAmong the delights of the city is the number of satisfying restaurant options always available. For me oftentimes it is like being on a seesaw – dine at one that’s been around for a while but not visited or try a new one seeking to establish itself as a commendable addition to the food scene. Of course, the easy out is to return to a familiar favorite.

Recently my wife and I have made the satisfying decision to visit a relative newcomer. At Hommage Chef Nico Borzee has constructed an exquisitely flavorful French inspired menu with fresh local ingredients. Each dish created anticipation for the next one as we shared plates which one doesn’t have to do. An attentive and knowledgeable wait staff, an airy space along the ship canal in the Fremont neighborhood makes Hommage a destination that should thrive under Chef Nico’s guidance.

Here’s wagering you will have a memorable meal here too.

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