Lake Union in early 1900sAt my gym, which is near Lake Union, the graphics on hallway walls remind one of how the lake appeared in the pre-WWII decades. While the city was expanding in all directions around its perimeter, the lake was an industrial zone. Note the log floats in the middle of the lake. The logs became either fodder for the shingle mills dotting the shoreline or for boat builders. Schooners are visible on the far shoreline.

The oil storage tanks are long gone with marinas and related businesses occupying the near shoreline today. What I find particularly interesting about the foreground are the parked tanker cars for this reason – today a controversial issue is the permitting of 100 car oil and coal trains along Seattle’s waterfront which is about to receive an extensive renewal. One other aspect of this picture that is notable. There is a break in the distant ridge line. The prominent building is the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library. Today this is an ancient view though on campus it remains a landmark building.

Our land/water combo excursion provides a close-up of the diverse lake shoreline including the city’s floating home community.

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