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Seattle Private Guide
Explore, Engage in Distinctive Style on a Seattle Tour


Our uniqueness is the breadth of destinations and content we can incorporate in your time with us.

Crafting your Seattle guided experience

Our listed designs are intended to give a sense of how we can broadly focus your Seattle/metro experience. More specifically we can delve into architecture, commerce, urban scene, landscape, visual arts, outdoors, recreation. We tailor the experience with you in mind.

Consider these suggested ways your  encounter with the Emerald City can occur:

Emerald City 

At perfect moments in Seattle’s history an important event occurred which resulted in the creation or preservation of what today are Seattle icons. Seattle’s “can do” spirit is reflected in such places as Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Space Needle, Government Locks, University of Washington. These notable places provide departure points for an introductory excursion of the Emerald City. Mark this emphasis in our tour planner. Make Emerald City a part of your tour →

Seattle Residential

Neighborhoods are a special attribute of Seattle. “Appealing” and “distinct” are apt descriptors to characterize the superb residential areas of the city. Housing here is a mixture of architectural styles which makes adjacent properties visually interesting. Lush landscaping adds another striking dimension. As different areas of Seattle are the canvas for this outing the city’s hilly topography becomes very apparent. Make Seattle Residential a part of your tour →

Seattle On Foot

Walking the city center offers the ultimate way to explore ambiance and varied tempos. We plan a route that offers you a potpourri of impressions… unique view perspectives, prominent architecture, interesting civic spaces, transformative development, bountiful public art, epicurean favorites, and distinct retail... Sights and insights mesh together to give you an insider’s perspective on the city’s livability and continuing evolution. Make Seattle On Foot a part of your tour →

City Beat

Prosperous Seattle companies and the attractiveness of the resident tech cluster are propelling increased density and conspicuously changing streetscapes. The makeover has extended the urban vibe boundaries. Development is reshaping different areas of the city and making them destinations to encounter city life “Seattle style”. Picturesque Lake Union serves as an anchor for this exploration of Seattle’s diverse energy and a directional compass for getting acquainted with the city’s layout. Make City Beat a part of your tour →

Metropolitan Prospective 

A look at flourishing eastside communities near Lake Washington. Opposite Seattle and across the lake are where many of the region’s tech companies– Microsoft, Nintendo, T-Mobile, and Expedia – are headquartered.  The proximity of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, and Woodinville to the urban/rural divide is just one attraction of the metro area that becomes evident on this excursion along with Snoqualmie Falls. This divide is also evident heading west by ferry to Bainbridge Island and onto the Olympic Peninsula. Make Seattle Metro a part of your tour →

Seattle Land & Water

Water comprises over 40% of Seattle’s area providing a diverse shoreline of commerce, maritime, residential along with recreational enjoyment. Close-up views of floating home communities, passage under bridges that cross the waterway that bisects Seattle, and the ambiance of being surrounded by hilly topography makes being afloat on a classic wooden cruiser an extraordinary picturesque experience.. Mark this emphasis in our tour planner. Make City Beat a part of your tour →

"My desire is to make your visit memorable"

Raised in Seattle I have a sense of the city’s evolution. And while I also have California credentials most of my adult life has been here in the Emerald City, an apt moniker for the city.

With amazement I observe the continuing transformation of Seattle. In many realms it is such a dynamic place.

Beyond the metro area I also have a Pacific Northwest perspective from 20 years of regional travel for business. Enabling business associates from elsewhere to gain a sense of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest planted seeds for developing a private guide service.

With appreciation of and immersion in the bounty here ToneyToursSeattle easily connects to our guests interests and requests. Additionally, we desire to provide an understanding of why the city is a great place to call home. So, beyond a “city introduction” you will gain something more.

With the entire area our canvas a well-travelled guest can anticipate a distinctive private guide experience.

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